Portable GSM & Siren Alarms 

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Portable GSM & Siren Wireless Alarms

Portable GSM & Siren Wireless Alarms

We have a selection of GSM Wireless Alarms that can be easily and quickly fitted into many applications at the spur of the moment, these temporary applications may be:

  • Vacant Homes.
  • New Build.
  • Renovations.
  • Temporary Locations.
  • Rapid Deployment Alarms awaiting Installation of Full Alarm & CCTV Systems.
  • Rapid Deployment during a local Crime Wave.
  • The list is Endless.

All the Alarms are powered by Battery or Solar, they will contact key-holders by Phone & Text when triggered.

They can be used as Silent Alarms or together with Sirens to suit any situation.

We also have Battery & Solar Alarms which are Bells only, for customers not wanting Phone Calls or Text Messages.

This is a small overview of the Alarms we have to offer, please Contact Us should you have any questions or you need Advice.

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