Lone Worker & Elderly Safety Systems & Personal Alarms

Wireless Panic Alarms designed to help protect Lone Workers & the Elderly together with a range of Personal Alarms.

Wireless Panic Alarms designed to help protect Lone Workers & the Elderly together with a range of Personal Alarms.


Staff & Elderly Protection:


Making the correct provisions for your Staffs Safety these days is not just desirable, but required by law in your duty of care. This is particularly true in situations where your workers may be faced with working alone, this may only be for a few minutes whilst another member of staff has to leave the room (or building), or for a full day because a member of staff unexpectedly calls in sick which results in another member of staff being on their own for the day.

During this time they could be faced with any type of Security or Medical Emergency.

There are also many applications where you have Staff having one to one interviews with a member of the Public or other members of your organization, these Interviews can on occasion be prone to overheated conversations and even violence in the worse cases, these members of Staff need and deserve support. 

We also have situations where we need to protect vulnerable members of our families in the event of medical emergencies. 

Our Wireless Panic Alarms are used in many commercial applications now. examples would be:

  • Helping to protect Staff operating in Interview Rooms on their own with Clients.
  • Helping to protect Staff from Attack working in a single manned Reception.
  • Helping to protect Staff moving around a Office or Warehouse.
  • Helping to protect Staff working on their own at a Desk or Bench (perhaps out of hours).
  • Helping to protect Staff working Alone in a Shop or other business serving the general public.

These Wireless Panic Alarms are also just as useful in the case of a Medical Emergency, it doesn't always have to be an Attack Alarm.

We have a large selection of affordable, easy to install & operate Safety Alarms designed to help cover many of these situations, to find the right system for you we recommend you split the exercise up into three segments as listed below:

Although we can supply a Wired Pannic Button with some Panic Alarms, the vast majority of our Panic Buttons are Wireless making for a quick and easy installation.


Using our proven & tested principles of Detection, Transmission & Reception (DTR) you can quickly & easily identify your basic requirements.


  1. Where do you need to locate Panic Buttons.
  2. How many Panic Buttons do you need in each room.
  3. How many rooms require a Panic Button.
  4. What type of Panic Button do you need (under desk, on a wall, worn on a wrist etc).
  5. Do you want any notification in the room where the Panic Button has been pressed.


  1. How far is in between the furthest Panic Button and location of the Receiver.
  2. What & how many obstacles are located between the potential location of the Panic Buttons & Receivers.

Reception (the most important aspect of the system):

  1. In the event of an activation from a Panic Button, what do you want to happen, options range from:
    • Latched on Buzzer, Siren or Flashing Light in a single separate Room (until a member of staff resets).
    • Latched on Buzzer, Siren or Flashing Light in a multiple separate Rooms (until a member of staff resets).
    • External Siren.
    • Text Message to Key-holders, Managers & Security Staff.
    • Telephone Call to Key-holders, Managers & Security Staff.
    • A Combination of any of the Above.

Once you have decided on what you need from the Alarm System, it will make it far easier to decide on which System suits your requirements, this web site has many choices to cover most applications and all systems are designed for easy installation from your staff or local contractors.

If you can't find a system to cover your exact needs, then please contact us as we often make bespoke systems up for our customers. 

Bespoke Panic Alarms:

We are happy to look at building a Bespoke Panic Alarm to suit many different applications, if you can't find a system to suit your needs, please contact us to discuss.


Personal Protection:


For just the cost of a few Pounds we can all easily supply our Family members and Staff with various types of Personal Alarms, these can be stored in Handbags, Worn around a Wrist, located inside a Vehicle, Office or Home.

Ultra Secure carry a selection of these Alarms to suit most applications. 

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