Time Lapse Panic Alarms

Time Lapse Wireless & Wired Panic Alarms

Time Lapse Wireless & Wired Panic Alarms

There are situations in industry where it is necessary for a Lone Worker not to be in a particular environment for a certain length of time for Safety Reasons, these may be a Freezer application etc.

Our Time Lapse Panic Alarms are designed to activate a Buzzer & Flashing LED if the Lone Worker has not pressed a dedicated Push Button or Push Buttons within this agreed time frame.

The Push Buttons can be Wireless or Wired (depending on which system you choose).

We can also taylor the system to suit your requirements, the flashing LED or Buzzers can be changed or increased, we could connect a GSM Auto-Dialler to the system should you also need a Phone Call or Text Message (these can be useful for monitoring the activations).

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