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Silent Panic Alarms 

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Silent Panic Alarms allow Staff to Call for Help or Assistance.

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Silent Panic Alarms allow Staff to Call for Help or Assistance.


There are many situations when members of Staff are asked to work in Vulnerable Situations with members of the Public or even disgruntled Employees.

On occasions, these situations can lead to your member of Staff needing to Call for Help or Assistance without Alarming the other Person (or persons), Ultra Secure Direct have a range of Wireless Panic Buttons to Help.

These Alarms have been designed to cover many applications, but we are happy to build bespoke systems to suit your exact needs.

The Alarms vary, examples are listed below:

One or More Wireless Panic Buttons with a Central Control Panel located in a different part of the Building, these Control Panels when activated can:

  • Activate a Buzzer, Siren or Flashing Light (or combination of all).
  • Call Key-holders by Telephone or Text Message with the option of also activating Buzzers or Flashing Lights.

The Panic Buttons can vary in style ranging from:

  • Under the Desk.
  • Wall Mounted.
  • Wristband.
  • Necklase.
  • Floor Mounted.

Please Contact us if you Need Advice !!

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