Remote Location Battery GSM SOS Alarms 

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Remote Location Battery GSM SOS UltraDIAL Alarms.

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Remote Location Battery GSM SOS UltraDIAL Alarms.

Remote Location Battery powered GSM SOS UltraDIAL Alarms from Ultra Secure Direct designed to help protect Staff working in Remote or Lone locations with no access to a power supply.

The Remote Controls supplied have a pair of SOS Buttons which need to be pressed at the same time which is designed to prevent false activations, these can be used up to 100 metres away from the UltraDIAL Alarm.

If triggered the SOS Alarm will contact between one to three keyholders by Phone (with your prerecorded message) and SOS (showing SOS content on the text message).

A key-holder receiving the Call can cancel the Call by pressing # on the receiving telephone if they are satisfied the situation has been dealt with, this would prevent the Alarm calling other key-holders.

Powered by 3 x Lithium AA Batteries and is fully weatherproof allowing it to be mounted in all locations.

If you have any questions, please Contact US !!

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