Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras 

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Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras

Ultra Secure Direct stock a selection of Outdoor CCTV Cameras suitable for use around most Homes and small Business premises together with some Battery Powered Outdoor Cameras designed for use in remote locations.

The two principle options for an Outdoor Camera around the home is:

  • Our Wireless CCTV Monitors & Wireless Cameras.
  • Outdoor IP (wi-fi) CCTV Cameras.

Wireless Monitors & CCTV Cameras:

These are based on a Wireless Monitor inside the House with a 7 inch Colour Screen and Full Recording facilities, they can operate with up to four External Wireless Cameras which can be around 100 metres away. One model also allows you to connect the Monitor to your Internet Router using a LAN Cable (supplied) which gives your Full Remote Access using a Smart Phone.

The Cameras need to be powered by the Plug in Transformers (supplied), but the signal back to the Monitor is fully Wireless.

IP CCTV Cameras:

These Cameras are connected to your Internet Router by a Wireless Connection following the initial installation which is done using the LAN Cable supplied. There are various models available, and they can be viewed through your Smart Phones using an APP. You can use one or more Cameras with a single APP.

The Cameras are again powered by using a Plug in Transformer supplied with the Signal being Wireless, the Camera has to be mounted within Wireless range of your Router, this can be checked out by checking if you have a Wireless Signal on your Mobile Phone at the exact location you want to fit a Camera.

We also have a range of Battery Powered Outdoor Cameras that are designed for Remote Locations, these can record Images & Video onto an SD Card when movement is detected, some models can also send you a Picture via MMS or Email giving you verification of a potential problem (click here for more information).

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