Warehouse Traffic Light Entry

Warehouse Traffic Light Entry

Warehouse Traffic Light Entry

Our Wireless Door Entry Control Systems and used to help control the number of Customers inside your Business Premises / Warehouses

These Wireless devices (which can be called Traffic Lights, Queuing Lights, Queuing Control or Entry Control for Retail & Shops) can be made to work in many different ways to suit your unique requirements, the basic principles are listed below:

Powered by a simple Plug in Transformer
Controlled from up to 50 to 100 metres away using either simple Wireless Remote Controls, Switches or even Intelligent Wireless Portable Controllers, allowing your members of Staff to carry out their normal duties whilst also managing the flow of Customers.
Normally involve Green & Red Weatherproof LED's.

Ideal for all types of business premises, some examples listed below:

  • All Retail Shops.
  • Warehouses
  • Receptions.
  • Garages.
  • Hotels.
  • Campsites.
  • Outdoor Works (such as Tree Surgeons).
  • Bars, Cafeterias, Pubs & Restaurants.
  • The list is Endless.

These Traffic Light Entry Systems are ideal for Commercial use, or for applications where traditional systems fail to operate, please Contact Us with any questions.

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