Solar & Battery Wireless Alarm Systems

A selection of Battery Powered or Solar Charged Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems, No Power Required.

A selection of Battery Powered or Solar Charged Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems, No Power Required.


There are occasions where having access to a power supply is not viable, this may be because there is not a supply on site, it may be because the power supply is inconstant, or even because the building is used by many different parties and the complications arise in sharing the costs, or it is just a temporary installation. 

Our Solar & Battery Alarms are designed for easy DIY (self fit) Installation, and we have Telephone Sales advice to help you choose the correct system for your application, together with full Telephone support for after purchase to ensure you get the best from the chosen system. This support continues during and after the warranty periods in the unlikely event of you having a problem. 

In these occasions, the battery or Solar Charged Wireless Alarm Systems are the ideal solution, they normal comprise of the following parts:

  • Battery or Solar Charger Wireless Siren: these Siren's are powered by a built in battery and in some cases charged by the built in Solar Panels (non solar powered models will require battery replacement after 1 - 2 years in normal operation), they would be installed on a building, out of reach from intruders. The Sirens double up as the Wireless Control Panel for the Alarm and are Armed and Disarmed by the key-holder using Remote Controls or Wireless Keypads. 
  • Wireless Alarm Detectors: there is a wide selection of Alarm Detectors to choose from, all of them are powered by battery (some are even re-charged by built in solar panels). The Alarm Detectors communicate with the Siren (control panel) using Wireless Signals, and can be mounted between 40 - 500 metres away (depending on the chosen model). As with any Intruder Alarm System, the choice & location of detector is crucial, for a practical and functional Alarm System, each building will vary, there are no hard and fast rules. Listed below are some of the Wireless Alarm Detectors that can be found with our Solar Charged Wireless Alarm Systems:
    • Wireless Internal PIR's: these are mounted into a corner of a room and will detect movement from people and most animals, it is advisable to place them in a corner that makes them visible from people looking in through a window (this acts as a visual deterrent).
    • Wireless External PIR's: these can protect Gardens, Yards, Scaffolding etc.
    • Wireless Internal Magnetic Contacts: these are mounted on opening doors or windows, when the door or window is opened the alarm will be triggered.
    • Wireless External Magnetic Contacts: these could be fitted onto a Gate, Shed Door etc.
    • Wireless Vibration Sensors: these are mounted on large windows or vulnerable doors, if a sudden vibration is detected (someone forcing a door or trying to break a window) the alarm will be activated.
    • Wireless Tilt Switches: these would detect a up and over garage door being opened.
    • Wireless Balcony & Patio Door Beams: these unique beam detectors are mounted on the outside of a Patio Door, inside a Balcony etc, they will trigger the alarm before a potential theif can even gain access to the property (which is the most desirable result of any alarm system), highly recommended.
    • Wireless Perimeter Beams: these are Beams that can be mounted on the boundary of your property, and will trigger the alarm from up to 900 metres away from the Siren, again a most desirable result.
    • Wireless Smoke Detectors: these are battery powered, and will trigger the Siren if smoke is detected, sometimes customers will add these to a system even if they have standard smoke detectors already installed (these will inform people outside the building there is a problem).
    • Wireless Water Detectors: these battery powered detectors will trigger the Siren if water is detected, especially usefull for apartments with properties above them.


Before choosing which Battery or Solar Siren should be chosen, please see a brief overview of available Detectors for different system below, this will help you decide on what you need now, and possibly for future applications:


This table gives you a quick overview to which accessories are available with the different Solar Charged Wireless Alarm Systems.

Accessories JB System XL System BT System Smart Alarm
Internal PIR Yes Yes Yes Yes
External PIR  No  Yes  No  Yes
Internal Magnetic Contact  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Vibration Sensor  No Yes  No  Yes
Water Detector  No Yes  No  Yes
Balcony Beams  Yes  No  No  No
Long Range Perimeter Beams  Yes No  No  No
Additional Sirens (wireless) No Yes Yes Yes
External Magnetic Contacts No No No Yes
Optional Control Panels (plug in) Yes Yes No Yes
Keypad No Yes No Yes
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smoke Detector  Yes No  No Yes (limited)

 As you can see from the table above, if you have plans in the future to use External Balcony Beams or Long Range Wireless Perimeter Beams it would be advisable to look at the JB Solar System, if not then the other systems would be where to concentrate your efforts on.

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