Decoy (Dummy) CCTV Camera's

A selection of Decoy (Dummy) CCTV Camera's to help protect Shed & Garage locations.

A selection of Decoy (Dummy) CCTV Camera's to help protect Shed & Garage locations.


It is a well known fact that Shed's & Garages are seen as an easy target by Thieves & Vandals, there are several reasons for this, some being:

  • They are often situated in locations that make it less likely to be caught, and easier to escape from if being disturbed.
  • The valuables (lawn mowers, tools, golf clubs, fishing equipment, quad bikes) inside these buildings can be easliy sold off for healthy profits with little chance of them being traced.
  • The types of buildings can quite often be easy to forced entry.
  • It is less likely that a noise would be heard when forcing entry.
  • They are less likely to be protected by Alarms & CCTV.
  • Very importantly, if caught the Police or Courts will view it with less seriousness than if it was a home or business.

But the biggest single factor is the old saying Risk & Reward, the potential thief will work out the Risk they would be taking against the potential Reward, so if the Shed is seen as an easy target with valuable items inside, they will more than likely take that Risk.

By fitting realistic Dummy CCTV Camera's near to the Shed, Garage or Workshop you may well just change the odds in the Risk & Reward thinking, Ultra Secure Direct offer a large range of Decoy (dummy) CCTV Camera's covering most styles and sizes.  

We can also offer a selection of External CCTV & Alarm Warning Signs and Window Warning Stickers that may also make the potential thief think twice, or at least look for the CCTV.

A Dummy CCTV Camera can also be fitted in conjunction with a Shed Alarm System.

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