Removable Parking-Security Posts & Bollards 

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A selection of Affordable Removable Security-Parking Posts & Bollards, to help preserve your Parking location. 

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A selection of Affordable Removable Security-Parking Posts & Bollards, to help preserve your Parking location. 


Removable Security-Parking Posts & Bollards:

We have a wide selection of these popular Lift Out Lockable Bollards varying in Colour & Size, they are all supplied with a shallow base (200 - 400 mm deep) which is fitted into the ground, there is no need to worry about any possible underground services during the installation as any services should be deeper than this.

Then ground bases are supplied with hinged lids, therefore when the Post or Bollard is not in use the ground spigot is fully flush to the ground with no access hole showing, ideal for locations that may be open to use from the general public or staff as there are no trip hazards. Another factor may be that you have very tight access into your allocated parking area, and you need to drive over the location of the Post to access or exit to location, the last thing you want to do is run over a Post or Bollard laying flat on the ground, this will only damage the Post or Tyres.

The Post or Bollard would be locked into the ground spigot using a padlock (supplied), when not in use it will need to be stored away (in a boot or nearby building) although a lot of customers will purchase a second ground spigot and fit this to the side of the entrance, this can then be locked into place avoiding any access problems & potential theft.

These Steel Posts are often used in Domestic applications protecting a Driveway or located in front of a Garage Door together with being used in Industrial applications protecting the Entrance or placed in front of a Roller Shutter Door.

These Posts & Bollards are often used with lengths of Chain and often used in conjunction with matching Static Posts & Bollards, these create a very good Barrier to cover more ground. 


Advantages of the Removable Posts & Bollards:

  • Easy to Install.
  • Very Affordable (great value for money).
  • Safe to Pedestrians & Vehicles (when not in use).
  • Tall.
  • Easy to Use & Maintain. 
  • Strong (not as strong as a telescopic post, but far stronger than the typical fold down models).
  • Choice of Colours.





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