Protect 800 Wireless Driveway Alert 

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Our latest Long Range 800 metre Wireless Driveway Alert the 'Protect 800' is designed for Easy & Fast Installation for use outside your Home or Business.

Our latest Long Range 800 metre Wireless Driveway Alert the 'Protect 800' is designed for Easy & Fast Installation for use outside your Home or Business.

Ideal to monitor and protect many types of applications such as:

  • Farm Buildings.
  • Long Driveways.
  • Back Gardens.
  • Perimeters.
  • Monitoring Fuel Tank.
  • Building Sites.
  • Stables.

The working range between the PIR's & Receiver is a true 800 metre (line of sight) which equates to around 400 - 600 metres in most applications, this long range helps the system operate even in the most dreary and damp of winter nights throughout the UK & Europe.

The system is very versatile and can be used in the most simple standard format of 1 x PIR supplying a Chime inside the House or Office or with many additional accessories to complete a more indepth Security System (options shown below).


The Protect 800 comes with a Battery powered Wireless PIR and is packed with the following features as listed below:

  • 800 metre Wireless Transmission.
  • Outdoor & Weatherproof.
  • Up 15 metres Detection Range (can be further with large objects).
  • Sensitivity Settings.
  • Up to 16 PIR's can be used with any single system.
  • Sunshade & Rain Hood.
  • Lens size adjusting Cap (ideal to help detect moving vehicles).
  • Battery Powered (4 standard AA batteries approximately 9 - 12 months).
  • Low Battery Warning.
  • Battery Status Checking.
  • Impressive Vehicle Detection.
  • Easy & Quick to Fit.
  • Unique choice in operation of:
    • 24 hour operation (for use in locations where all day detection is prefered).
    • Night Time Operation (for use in locations where you only want a working detector during the hours of darkness).

Installation Tip:

We recommend the PIR is fitted looking away from a rising Sun rather than towards it, if this is not possible then care should be taken when choosing the location and direction of the PIR, this basic principle is the same for most outdoor PIR's.

The PIR's can also easily be hidden inside plastic and wooden structures with some simple imaginative creation to help hide them, the strong 800 metre wireless transmission helps this be possible.


The 4 - channel Wireless Receiver supplied with the Protect 800 is packed full of features, please see the list below:

  • 800 metre Wireless Reception.
  • Mains Powered using a Plug in Transformer (3-pin UK & 2-pin European supplied).
  • Optional Battery Back Up.
  • LED Notification of Loss of Mains Power.
  • Low Battery Notification.
  • Up to 16 Detectors can be Used.
  • Multiple Receivers can be used (no limit).
  • Adjustable Volume.
  • Zone Indicator (visual and by chime).
  • 4 x Dry Relay Outputs (can be used to trigger Diallers, Flashing LED's, Siren's, Bells etc).
  • 12v DC Output (can be used to trigger Flashing LED's, Siren's, Bells etc).
  • Relay Duration: Momentary.
  • 12v DC Output with adjustable Duration (1 second to 10 minutes).
  • Can be Wall or Desk Mounted.
  • 32 optional Melodies.
  • PIR Battery Check.
  • Optional Pause Modes.


Many customers use these Driveway Alerts in the standard format, they simply want one or more detectors outside and notification inside, but other customers want to expand on the Security Systems by adding various accessories, these may include:

Both of these Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems are designed to help you protect your Home & Business, both systems have their benifits and unique differences, please Contact Us should need Advice.

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