Pet Friendly Wireless Alarms

Pet Friendly Wireless Alarms

Pet Friendly Wireless Alarms

There are many applications that need an Alarm System, but using standard type PIR movement sensors is not viable due to the fact there are animals present, these may be domestic Cats & Dogs or uninvited animals such as Mice, Rats & Birds.

There are a few ways to use alarm systems whilst avoiding false alarms, these include:

  • Use Door & Window Contacts.
  • Use Vibration Sensors.
  • Use Pressure Mats (ensuring large animals such as Dogs cannot stand on them).
  • Use Pet Friendly PIR's.

Some customers will call us and say they need a Pet Friendly Alarm because they have a dog, but with further discussions it becomes evident that the alarm is never set whilst the dog is at home, or the dog doesn't have full access to the house allowing an Alarm to be Part Set (often called home alarm). If this is the case a standard alarm system can be used with no worries providing the situation is thought out (if you need advice please give us a call to discuss).

Pet Friendly PIR's:

There are PIR's (movement sensors) that are designed to be used around animals as they will only detect warm bodied objects weighing above a particular, normally around 8 - 12 kilo (subject to different makes). This does need thought though, because you may have a single dog weighing 6 kilo which would be fine, but you may have two cats, individually they don't weigh much, but chasing each other around a room may create a heat signature that triggers any Pet Friendly PIR.

Pet Friendly PIR's are very useful in locations where the odd Bird gets into a building, or a mouse or two are scampering around. 

By far the safety way to Alarm a building which has animals present is to use a combination of Door or Window Contacts, Vibration Sensors and Pressure Mats, by using these devices you may be able to cover the complete property without a single PIR, or keep the number of PIR's down to a minimum.

Do you I need a Pet Friendly Alarm?

We often find customers calling us thinking they need a Pet Friendly Alarm 'because they have a Dog' do not actually need one, we normally start by asking the following two questions:

  1. Does the Dog have the full run of the house during times when a Alarm would be Armed?
  2. Would you want to Arm the Alarm when the Dog is in the house?

If the answer to both questions is 'NO' then you probably do not need a Pet Friendly Alarm.

If the Dog in question is restricted to a certain part of the house at times when you would consider setting an Alarm, you can use a standard Alarm system, this is because:

  • You would fit Door & Window Sensors in the location of the Dog.
  • You would fit a PIR in the location of the Dog, but program the Alarm panel to ignore this PIR during times when the Dog is present. 

Please contact us to discuss if you need advice about this subject.

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