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Long Range Wireless Bells Systems with a true 800 metre (line of sight) range.

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Long Range Wireless Bells Systems with a true 800 metre (line of sight) range.

Our unique selection of Wireless Bell Systems was designed following countless requests from customers looking for a wireless bell system for there Home or Business that actually works at the specified working range (and beyond), they are used in many applications, examples listed below:

  • Warehouses.
  • Hotels & Large Homes.
  • Automatic & Manual Locked Gates.
  • Home Offices.
  • Factories & Schools.
  • Farms & Rural Shops.
  • Kennels & Catteries.
  • Monasteries & Churches.   
  • Care Homes & Hospitals.
  • The list is endless.


These Wireless Bell systems can be utilized to suit nearly any type of situation, ranging from a simple door chime to activating loud sirens, bells or flashing lights & even triggering telephone auto-diallers.
The system can be used in two main ways, depending on this distance needing to be achieved with the Wireless Transmission:
  1. It can be used together with the Dakota 2500E Wireless Receiver (part number 004-0550) & weatherproof Universal Wireless Transmitter which has a built in Push Button (part number 006-0300) for distances of around 400 metres (line of sight). This weatherproof transmitter has a large built in Push Button making it very easy & quick to install (no cables to put through the wall). Due to the fact that this method normally means the push button would be located on the far side of a brick pier, stone wall, wooden post or brick wall we would recommend not using it over a distance of 400 metres.
  2. The most popular method is to fit the same Wireless Transmitter (part number 006-0300) on the back of the pier, post or wall and connect it to a chosen Push Button located on the front of the same pier, post or wall using a short length of bell cable. The benefits of using this method are:
    • Stronger & better looking Push Button for the visitors to find (some push buttons can be embossed with 'Please Ring').
    • Far better Wireless Range (because you have immediately taken out one of the biggest obstructions for the Wireless Transmission to pass through). 
    • Wireless Transmitter hidden away from Vandals.
The Universal Transmitter is battery powered and fully waterproof, therefore making it very easy & quick to fit.
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