Dummy Alarm Sirens

Dummy (decoy) Alarm Sirens are a very affordable and easy Security deterrent that are regularly used either with a working Alarm System (often on the back or side of a property) or on their own.

The Dummy Sirens normally have a flashing strobe light powered by built in batteries.

When they are used in conjunction with a real live Alarm System, it is normal for a working Siren to be fitted onto the front of the property, and one or two dummy sirens fitted to the rear or side. Some customers will fit a working Siren without a live external Siren and just fit one or two Dummy Sirens as a deterrent.

For people not wanting to fit a working alarm system (perhaps because they just purchased the property and cannot yet afford one, or perhaps because it is a rented property) a Dummy Siren is the ideal solution.

They are also a great addition to a Garage, Shed or Workshop. 

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