Dog Barking Alarm 

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Dog Barking Alarm

Dog Barking Alarm

A very simple but effective deterrent from potential Burglars and Vandals, this Dog Barking Machine detects people through the Door and activates a Loud Dog Growl followed by a Bark, ideal for empty Buildings.

The system is very simple to install, you simple power it by the Plug in Transformer (supplied) or 8 x AA Batteries (not supplied) and place it behind a Door. The Alarm works from Radar, so it is important to experiment with the best positioning.

No cables to run, no sensors to fit on the wall outside !!

This is ideal for when you leave your Home empty whilst away at work or on holiday, it can also be used whilst you are tucked up in bed, it is Armed or Disarmed by pressing a top mounted Button or by using a Remote Control (supplied). 

It will detect movement from some locations inside your home, therefore if you are using it whilst you are inside the Home, you will have to be careful where you locate it, but very easy to experiment to find the best locations.

There is simple volume control, you can also switch the Dog Bark to a Siren or Doorbell Sound if prefered.

It can also be used to position it to help protect Animals such as Chickens & Birds provided it is located in a dry location away from the immediate sound of these Animals, very useful when trying to deter visits from Fox etc.

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