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Burglar Alarms for Flats & Apartments:

Burglar Alarms for Flats & Apartments:

Ultra Secure Direct have a selection of DIY Burglar & Intruder 4G or Bells Only Alarm Systems suitable for all types of Flats & Apartments, in general (not always) there are less access points in a typical Flat or Apartment to protect.

Apart from the size and number of access points in a typical Flat, most other rules still apply for Installing an Alarm System, the questions we need to ask are the same to that of protecting a House:

  1. Do you want an External Siren: (many flats do not, some do choose to fit a Dummy Siren as access can be restricted at times).
  2. Do you want the Alarm to contact you by Telephone if activated: If the answer is Yes, do you have a Telephone line you can plug a cable into which would be connected to an Alarm Panel, or do you want to use the new 4G Alarms (which use mobile phone SIM Cards).
  3. Do you have Pets, it is not uncommon for small Dogs or Cats to be living in the Flat.
  4. What access points need to protected: Some Flats will have a Secure Front Entrance, but need protection from the side or rear, some will need protection from all areas.

Ultra Secure specialize in Wireless & GSM DIY Alarms, and pride ourselves in giving Honest before & after Sales Advice !!

Listed within this section is a selection of Alarms that may be suitable for your application, they are examples but we can design any type of DIY Alarm for you upon request, all you need to do is Contact Us with your requirements and we are happy to work with you to find the best solution.

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