4G Battery CCTV Cameras

4G Battery CCTV Cameras, ideal for Scaffold Security (coming soon !!).

4G Battery CCTV Cameras, ideal for Scaffold Security (coming soon !!).

This new range of CCTV Cameras can be used in remote locations and most Scaffold Installations without the need of a wifi connection as they operate through Mobile Phone Networks (obviously a 4G mobile phone signal is required on site).

The Cameras allow you to log onto the Camera via your Smartphone or Tablet to view the Scaffolding, on most models you can have two-way communication, have recording facilities and more.

4G Cameras can be powered by 12v Transformers (where power is available on site) or by Battery & Solar power.

Battery powered 4G Cameras will operate for between one to two months (depending on how often you connect to it) between charge (plenty of time for many Scaffold Installations), if you need longer then we can supply a plug in Solar Panel to vastly extend this battery life (which could even be permanent if you do not connect to it every day).

We would recommend using a 4G Camera in conjunction with a GSM Alarm System, this will keep your running costs down to a minimum as you will only log onto the Camera if the Alarm contacts you by Phone or Text.

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