UltraCom4 (2 x Property Wireless Intercom) 

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UltraCom4 (2 x Property Wireless Intercom).

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UltraCom4 (2 x Property Wireless Intercom).

This Audible Wireless UltraCom4 (2 property) is designed for use with 2 x properties that are sharing a common entrance, the visitor can select property 1 or 2 upon arrival by pressing the appropriate call button. Once the visitor has done this, the Portable Handset (or handsets) inside the property will ring allowing the Homeowner to communicate with the visitor and operate any Electric Gates, Barriers, Doors or Locks connected to the system from the comfort of the Home.

The Wireless Range from the Caller Station to the Portable Handsets is 600 metres (line of sight), the Wireless Signal is a Secure Digital connection.

The Caller Station is powered by 12v DC together with having Battery Backup, there are a set of volt free N/O or N/C Output Relays that can be used to trigger the Automation.

Each Home can have additional Portable Handsets which will all be able to answer the call together with being able to communicate with each other in a Secure Wireless Network. The Handsets are supplied with a Charging Cradle and Charger.

A very good Wireless Intercom at very competitive prices for a two home application.

A third & forth Property can be added to the system at any time in the future.

You can also add a second Caller Station for applications needing communication from front and back entrances, these can be:


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