HY Solar Wireless House Alarm 

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HY Solar Wireless Siren House Alarm.

HY Solar Wireless Siren House Alarm.

This is a very Easy & Quick to Fit Wireless Alarm System for your Home or Office, it comprises of:

  • A Solar Powered Wireless Siren that also acts as the Alarm Control Panel (no cables, no electric supply required).
  • Various Wireless Alarm Sensors (battery powered, therefore very easy and quick to fit).
  • Remote Controls (which are used to Arm & Disarm the Alarm System).

The Siren can be used with up to 12 x Alarm Sensors (Door Contacts, PIR's, Vibration Sensors), 4 x 24 Hours Sensors (Smoke & Heat, Panic Buttons) & 8 x Remote Controls.

The Siren is powered by built in Lithium Batteries which are charged and maintained by the top mounted Solar Panel.

This is a simple solution for customers simply wanting a No Nonsense Alarm which makes a noise if Triggered.

Please Contact Us should you have any questions.

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