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Wireless Gate Position Kits (coming soon !!)

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Wireless Gate Position Kits (coming soon !!)

These Wireless Gate positioning kits have been designed following many requests over the last few years by customers who are wanting to know if their Gate (or Door) has been left open.

This is normally for Security & Safety reasons, they may have Children or Pets wandering around the property and a gate left open is really dangerous, or it may be they just want the gate always left closed to prevent unwanted visitors.

It may also be a Fire Door that by law cannot not be locked, but for Security reasons needs to be left closed.

Our new Long Range Wireless Gate Kits consist of a:

  • Two Battery Powered Wireless Transmitters fitted into a plastic encloser, these have an impressive Wireless range back to the Receiver of 800 metres (line of sight), connected to these Transmitters by short lengths of Cable are Gate or Door Magnetic Contacts.
  • Receiver fitted into its own encloser, mounted on the enloser are two LED's, Green will indicate the Gate or Door Closed, Red will indicate Open. A buzzer would also activate for a few seconds when the Gate or Door is first opened, this duration can be lengthened to 10 minutes if required. The buzzer could also be exchanged for a Siren, Bell or Flashing LED if required.

The installation is quite easy, please see a guide below:

  • Fit the Wireless Transmitter encloser to the Gate Post or adjasent to the Door Farme.
  • Fit two Magnetic Switches to the Gate Post of Door Frame.
  • Fit two magnets on the Gate or Door, positioned so that they are nearly touching when the Gate or Door is closed.
  • Mount the Control Panel Encloser.
  • Connect the Plug in Power supply to a 3-pin socket (2-pin available upon request).

This is a unique Wireless System, designed for being aware of that Open Gate or Door.

If you need the system to work slightly different, perhaps with a Buzzer being constant whilst the Gate or Door is opened, or a Flashing LED whilst open, please ask as there is a good chance we can build one to your specifications.

We can also offer a very short range (20 - 30 metres in normal applications) option with our Wireless XL Gate/Door Alert which can be set to continue to 'Beep' whilst the Door or Gate is left open.

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