Flood Sensor & Wireless Smart Alarm Telephone Dialer System.

An impressive 8 Channel Wireless Smart Alarm Control Panel with Built in Telephone Dialer supplied with a Wireless Flood & Water Sensor, can be used as a basic Water Alarm System or as a base to build a far more comprehensive Wireless Alarm System. It will contact up to 8 key-holders with your own message when activated, operates on 868 Mhz.

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8 Channel Wireless Smart Alarm Control Panel with Built in Telephone Dialer supplied with a Wireless Water & Flood Sensorcan be used as:

  • A basic Wireless Flood & Water Alarm & Telephone Dialer System.
  • A Wireless Flood & Water Chime Alert & Alarm Dialer (to suit different times of the day).
  • Or as a base to build a far more comprehensive Wireless Alarm System.


The Wireless Water Detector is designed to monitor for Water Leaks & Floods. 

The battery powered transmitter should be mounted in a position above the potential water leak, with the Water Sensor/Probe located in a position very close to the most likely location that water would collect following a leak (it is attached to the transmitter by a 220 mm cable).

The transmitter is installed using small screws or double sided tape (both supplied), the sensor is mounted using a double side strong adhesive pad (supplied).

The transmitter is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (supplied), and would last between 1 - 2 years in most applications, there is a built in Low Battery Warning (slow red flashing LED on the transmitter) to inform the home owner that the batteries need replacing.

The Wireless Transmitterand has a very impressive wireless range of 200 metres (line of sight) back to any of the Wireless Smart Alarm Control Panels.

The impressive Wireless Smart Alarm & Alert Control Panel with Built in Telephone Dialer, will contact up to 8 key-holders by telephone with your own 20 second pre-recorded message.

Packed full of features, normally associated with much more expensive Alarm Systems, including:

  • Built in 120 Decibel Siren (adjustable duration).
  • Back up Battery.
  • User Keypad (used for simple programming and daily operation).
  • Stylish Back Light (very usefull coming into a dark room).
  • Adjustable Exit & Entry Durations.
  • Two way Communication for the person being called.
  • 8 Wireless Channels (no limit to the number of alarm detectors that can be used).
  • Can be also used with Remote Controls & Battery Powered Wireless Keypad (up to 99 remote controls can be used).
  • Built in Chime Alert (on any of the 8 wireless channels, easily by turned ON & OFF to suit different times of the day).
  • Pre-record your own personal 20 second message.
  • The Alarm panel can call up to eight key-holders, between 1 & 9 times following an activation.
  • Options for operation are Fully Armed, Home Armed, Alert Mode & OFF. 
  • Built in Low Battery Warning.
The Smart Alarm Panel is powered by a plug in 2 or 3 pin transformer (no electrician required) and plugs into a telephone extension socket with the cables supplied. 
The Smart Alarm Control Panel is very user friendly to program (using built in keypad) and install, and can be operated using Remote Controls, Battery Powered Wireless Keypad or the built in Keypad in the following ways:
  • Full Arm (arms all detectors).
  • Home Arm (arms a selection of detectors, this would normally be perimeter detectors on windows, inside garages etc, designed to be used whilst the owner is still at home).
  • Chime Mode (ideal to be alerted if a front/back door, or gate is opened whilst the alarm is disarmed, this can be easily turned ON/OFF using a remote control or keypads to suit different times of the day).
  • Panic Alarm (this can be activated using the remote controls or keypads, perfect for Security or Medical emergencies).
  • Duress Disarm (in the rare event of being forced to turn the alarm OFF, a secret code can silence the alarm whilst it is still calling key-holders with your own pre-recorded message). 
  • Disarm.


When key-holders are called by the Alarm Control Panel, the recieving telephone can carry out the following proceedures:

  • Listen to the pre-recorded message.
  • Press # (within 10 seconds of the end of the message).
    • Press 1 to listen into the location of the alarm panel.
    • Press 3 to speak through the Alarm Panel.
    • Press # 1 or # 3 to toggle between the listen in & talk features.
    • Press # # to stop the alarm calling other keyholders.
When ## is pressed, the Alarm will turn OFF, but remain fully Armed !!. 
A full selection of Alarm Accessories can be added to this system including:
  • Internal & External Magnetic Door/Window Contacts (no limit).
  • PIR's (no limit).
  • Remote Controls & Battery Powered Wireless Keypads (a maximum of 99).
  • Battery Powered Wireless Sirens (no limit).
  • Dummy Sirens (no limit).
  • Wireless Vibration Sensors (no limit).
  • Wireless Pressure Mats (no limit).
  • Wireless Water Detectors (no limit).
  • Wireless Smoke Alarm Siren Detectors (no limits).


Available by mail order throughout Ireland, or collection from Dublin !!




Wireless Alarm Control Panel & Telephone Dialer:

  • 1 x Wireless Smart Alarm Control Panel & Built in Telephone Dialer.
  • 1 x Plug in Transformer (2 or 3 Pin).
  • 1 x Telephone Cable.
  • 1 x PP3 Battery.
Wireless Flood & Water Sensor:
  • 1 x Water Detector & Transmitter.
  • 2 x AAA Batteries.
  • 1 x set of Double Sided Tape & Mounting Screws.
  • 1 x Manual.

Wireless Alarm Control Panel & Built in Dialer:

  • 8 Channels (no limit to number of alarm detectors can be used on each channel).
  • Can be used with up to 99 Remote Controls & Wireless Keypads.
  • Will contact up to 8 key-holders (between 1 & 9 times, chosen during programming).
  • Message in self-recorded (up to 20 seconds). 
  • Backlight (engages as you press any button).
  • Built in 120 Decibel Siren (duration adjustable between 1 - 6 minutes).
  • Adjustable Exit Delay (10 - 60 seconds).
  • Adjustable Entry Delay (10 - 60 seconds).
  • Low Battery Warning (visual battery guage for the back up battery when power is OFF).
  • Built in Panic Function (can be triggered using Built in Keypad, Remote Control & Wireless Keypad).
  • Duress Function (allows key-holder to turn the alarm partially OFF, telephone dialer remains active).
  • Receiving Telephone can toggle between Listen In & Talk function.  
  • Size of Panel: 190 (w) x 114 (h) x 35 (d) mm.

Wireless Flood & Water Sensor:

  • Frequency: 868 Mhz.
  • Wireless Transmission Distance: 200 metres (line of sight).
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).
  • Distance between Transmitter & Water Sensor: 220 mm.
  • Mounting Method: Screws or Double Sided Tape (supplied).
  • Size of Wireless Transmitter: 85 x 40 x 15 mm.
  • Size of Water Sensor/Probe; 25 x 7 x 15 mm.
  • Distance between Probes: 16 mm.
  • Battery Life: 1 - 2 years (normal operation, depending on usage).
  • Low Battery Warning: Yes (slow red flashing LED on the magnetic contact).

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