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Sirens, Dialers, Receivers & Keypads 

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A wide selection of Wireless Sirens, Auto-Diallers, Receivers & Keypads to be used in conjunction with the XL Wireless Alarm System.

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A wide selection of Wireless Sirens, Auto-Diallers, Receivers & Keypads to be used in conjunction with the XL Wireless Alarm System.



We have a wide range of Wireless Accessories that can be used with the versatile XL Wireless Alarm System, this section includes the range of Sirens, Auto-Diallers, Keypads & Receivers, more detailed information below:


  • Wireless XL Siren (part number 005-0240): 
    • This very popular & affordable Siren has an impressive 110 Decibel Audible Output, and can be used in both  internal & external applications (fully weatherproof), often used in second rooms or building (perhaps inside or outside of a garage, in an upstairs location, etc), it needs powering by a plug in transformer (supplied) and has battery backup. 
  • Solar Powered XL Wireless Siren (part number 005-0320):
    • This Solar Powered Siren is designed to be used on the outside of the home or business premises, the battery powered Siren is charged by the built in Solar Panel and therefore requires no wiring or power supplies, making it very easy and quick to install. The Siren also acts as a great deterrent, with its bright yellow design and built in flashing strobe lights (during standby).  


A large percentage of customers will choose to use more than one Siren in a single installation, this could be multiple Solar Sirens, multiple Wireless Sirens, or a combination of both, but all resulting in a very loud deterrent during an attempted theft.    
  • Wireless Auto-Dialler: this is plugged into a telephone extension and is triggered by a wireless signal from the XL Receiver, when triggered it can call up to 9 telephone numbers with your own various personal recordings, ideal for Medical & Security situations. The biggest benefit of this style of Dialler is that it allows you to install it near to a telephone extension whilst the Alarm Panel can be installed in its most suitable location (without having to consider how to lay cables throughout a building).
Wireless Keypad: 
  • These very handy Keypads are used to Arm & Disarm the Alarm System (they also have a built in panic button), ideal for applications with multiple users or for customers who do not wish to carry around remote controls. They are fully wireless & battery powered, making them very easy & quick to install in the most suitable location (normally close to the entry point of the building).

Remote Controls: 
  • These small remote controls are normally carried around with your keys, and are used to easily Arm & Disarm the alarm from up to 60 metres away. They also have a built in panic button, which would place the alarm into full alarm mode (irrespective of if the alarm is armed or disarmed) upon activation (sirens and dialers).  

Additional Receivers: 
  • Some customers wish to have additional Receivers with a system, this is normally when they are using the system fully or partially as an Wireless Alert System, and wish to be notified in various locations around the building. 
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