Risk & Reward

This is the exact mind process that a potential thief will probably go through before carrying our any type of Crime !!

Risk: What risk is potentially involved for them individually should they attempt to carry out the crime, this risk will change depending on:
1) Is there a Audible Alarm that may be activated ?
2) Is there a chance that a Key Holder will be called ?
3) Is there a chance they may be disturbed ?
4) Is there CCTV on site ?
5) Do they need to force Entry ?
6) Can they be wandering around your property with a plausible excuse whilst they are looking at where your goods are located, and what type of security may be in place ?
7) Is there a chance that the stolen property could be indentified ?
8) Is there a safe exit route from the scene ?
9) Are there more than one safe exits routes from the scene ?
10) Are they potentially being overlooked by a neighbour ?
11) Are risk areas covered by lighting ?

Reward: What potential reward is there for them ?
1) They will take less risk if by stealing a second hand lawn mower to that of a brand new quad bike !!
2) They will take less risk if they do not know exactly where the quad bike is being stored or if the building it is being stored in is secure !!

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