900 metre Solar Wireless Perimeter Alarm From €340

 A brilliant range of Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter Alarm Systems with Dual Sensors & 900 metre Working Range, available by mail order throughout Ireland, or collection from Dublin & Ennis.




This is a fantastic range of Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter Security Alarm Systems packed full of features, high specifications and options allowing you to design a system to suit your exact needs, some of the key features are listed below:


  • Solar Powered: (no need for cables).
  • Wireless Transmission: (900 metres working range).
  • Dual Detecting Beams: (prevents false alarms from debris and small animals).
  • 100 metre Detection Range: (covers large areas with one set of beams).
  • Multiple Size Beams: (gives you a choice in detection coverage).
  • Active Beam Technolgy: (detects all movement from vehicles & people).
  • Narrow Beams: (can set above the height of small animals).
  • Choice of Receivers: (solar or internal plug in version).
  • Can be used as an Alert & Alarm.
  • Can Trigger Sirens & Auto-Dialers: (the internal receiver can trigger sirens and auto-dialers).
  • Muliple Channel Receivers: (the internal receiver can operate with an amazing 128 sets of beams, the solar receiver/siren can work with 32 sets of beams).
  • Unique Solar Receiver/Siren: (this siren is operated by a remote control and can be used as a loud alert or siren when armed).


A unique system which will cover most types of external security, easy to install, operate & great value for money.



As is always the case when selecting the most suitable Security System (especially external security systems), it is advisable to consider the D.T.R rule (details below), which will allow you to decide what you actually want (or need) from a Security System:

D = Detection.
T = Transmission.
R = Reception.



  • How many locations do you need to protect ?
  • Are the locations outside or inside (or both) ?
  • How wide is each detection area ?
  • Would you need to gain access through any of these protected locations when arriving back at the property ?
  • Is there activity from large animals at any of these locations (deer, boar, cattle etc) ? 



  • How far away from the location of the receiver would the furthest detector be (in metres) ?
  • How many (and what type) of obstructions would there be between the two locations?


Reception (the most important part):

  • In the event of any activation from a detector, what do you want to happen, options are numerous, some examples listed below?
    • Chime from a single receiver.
    • Chime from multiple receivers.
    • A portable pager being activated.
    • A portable pager and internal receiver chiming.
    • Internal siren (short or long time duration).
    • Internal siren from one receiver, chime from second receiver (different locations).
    • External siren and chime inside.
    • External & internal siren (what time duration).
    • Internal chime and external flashing light.
    • Sending a text message to the key holders.
    • Calling the key holders or guarding company with a pre-recorded personal message.
    • Text message plus triggering external sirens.
Following this thought pattern will allow you to make a conclusion on how exactly you want a system to work, then it is just the case of putting the right parts together, if you need help in choosing then please contact us, the information you have already gathered will be vital for us to give you our best  advice. 



Coming Soon !!









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